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Crafting a comprehensive Business Plan: the foundation of your success

A business plan should be the cornerstone of any professional company, yet many enterprises never documented their company vision and commercial strategy. This oversight can lead to a lack of clear direction and measurable targets.


We understand that a business plan is more than just a profit and loss statement. It's a detailed document outlining the company's objectives, strategies, and necessary resources, covering every aspect of the business from market analysis to operational strategies. Key elements include:

  • Clear targets, budgets, and objectives

  • A roadmap to achieving your vision


A well-crafted business plan serves as a strategic tool for both the creation (investor pitch) and ongoing management of a company. It ensures alignment with goals and effective communication with stakeholders, transforming ambitions into tangible outcomes and preparing you for growth and success.

Your needs

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Attracting investors

A well-structured business plan is essential for pitching investors and securing funding. It provides the credibility and alignment investors seek, crucial for company valuation and appealing to banks. 


At Altesia, we ensure that your business plan is professionally done, helping the company to communicate clearly to potential new investors

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Orienting your strategy

A comprehensive business plan is crucial for both the creation and management of a company. It serves as a tool to maintain alignment with your business model, ensuring effective communication of targets, budgets, and objectives. By making your ambitions tangible, it helps you stay on course and avoid navigating blindly.

Altesia's methodical approach includes a coherent check to ensure alignment between the vision,, mission, strategic direction, objectives and P&L.

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Driving innovation

A business plan acts as an innovation catalyst when developing new business activities. It outlines hypotheses and allows for quick pivots if assumptions don't materialize. Documenting strategies highlights potential gaps, making priorities clear and actionable.


Altesia helps you refine your assumptions, ensuring your new ventures are strategically sound.

How we help you

At Altesia, our approach to crafting business plans is both strategic and comprehensive. We leverage our unique expertise and deep understanding of business needs to provide tailored solutions that truly make a difference.

Dynamic Duo

Our unique duo approach combines the strengths of a Partner and a Financial Controller, ensuring credibility and thoroughness. This team rigorously challenges and refines every aspect of your business plan:

  • The Partner brings its experience and focus on the coherence of the Business Plan while challenging the company

  • The Financial Controller ensures alignment and robustness of financial elements regarding the strategy of the company.

Managerial insight

Our partners' managerial experience and active involvement ensure the business plan reflects your vision and strategies:

  • Deep understanding of client needs

  • In-depth market knowledge

  • Actionable insights beyond data analysis.

From vision to metrics

We transform your vision and strategy into quantifiable metrics by:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of your vision.

  • Translating assumptions into measurable variables.

  • Focusing on topline revenue and resources.

We can also give support to CEO by presenting with him the Business Plan to the investors.

SME Expertise

Altesia stands out due to our deep experience with SMEs, a sector with significant business plan needs. Unlike large firms that overlook smaller missions, our approach is both comprehensive and highly experienced:

  • Experience with SME-specific challenges

  • Personalized approach from partners with SME backgrounds..

The result

Our comprehensive business plan services deliver a clear, actionable roadmap for your company's success, ensuring every aspect of your business is aligned and prepared for growth.

It includes amongst others:

  • Your company’s DNA, including its vision & mission.

  • Your market analysis:
    Market study, target clientele, and competitive analysis.

  • A marketing and sales strategy:
    Comprehensive marketing and sales plan.

  • An organizational structure aligned with business objectives.

  • A financial plan:
    Revenue and expense forecasts, cash flow projections, and profitability analysis, as well as all funding requirements.

  • KPIs:
    Establishing key performance indicators to make goals tangible for sales, production, and other departments.

  • Valorization of the company


Altesia's proven track record ensures that your business plan is not just a document, but a strategic tool that drives your company's success. This plan also serves as an effective communication tool for CEOs to align their teams and departments with the company's goals.

What we don't do

At Altesia, we are committed to providing genuine value with a no-nonsense approach:
  • Not defining your strategy for you: instead we help you making a coherent business plan, building your P&L from your strategy.

  • No unchallenged assumptions. We never put the Altesia name on a business plan without thoroughly challenging and understanding the underlying assumptions.

  • No data crunching for SMEs. We don't engage in mere data crunching unless it's part of financial support for a large corporation. For SMEs, we provide tailored, strategic insights, not just numbers.

  • No "Altesia approved" without merit. We don't stamp "Altesia Approved" on anything without ensuring its accuracy and alignment with our rigorous standards.

  • No starting from scratch. We aren't a strategic consultancy starting from a blank page. We build on existing frameworks to provide focused and impactful advice.

We uphold our reputation by ensuring every piece of advice and every business plan we create is thorough, well-founded, and genuinely beneficial to our clients.
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