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Manage suppliers

At Altesia, we empower your business to identify and partner with the ideal suppliers through strategic sourcing, meticulous vendor selection, and effective contract negotiation.

Our approach ensures that you not only secure the best price-quality ratio but also foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers.

By maintaining robust supplier relationships and conducting regular performance reviews, we help you achieve continuous improvement and alignment with your business goals.

Equipe Altesia

Strategic sourcing and vendor selection

We help you find the best suppliers for your specific business requirements.


Beyond just focusing on prices and cost-cutting, strategic sourcing also helps in mitigating risks, capturing innovation, and strengthening supplier relationships.

Contract negotiations

Secure favorable terms and managing risks.


At Altesia, we prepare meticulously for negotiations, to result in agreements that protect your interests and promote sustainable supplier relationships.

Rapport financier

Supplier relationship management

We assist you in developing long-term relationships with your suppliers that go beyond transactional interactions to foster collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth.

CSR procurement

We emphasize integrating CSR principles into procurement practices, extending accountability across the entire supply chain. Early adoption of CSR ensures a smoother, cost-effective transition to meeting future ESG standards.


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We help you (re)establish the strategic position of your Procurement department within the organization, with the right structure, governance, and roles and responsibilities.

Gain a comprehensive view of your spending patterns and analyze the total cost of ownership to uncover hidden costs. Anticipate future expenses to validate the potential of new investment decisions, ensuring informed and strategic financial planning.

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