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Get visibility on your financial performance

We help you implement the right processes, tools, and teams to ensure your financial operations run smoothly and meet critical deadlines.

Maintaining a clear and accurate view of your financial performance is essential. 

But team changes, company growth or changes can sometimes put your operations under pressure.

Our consultants also help you maintain business continuity,

especially when facing temporary staffing challenges. They can step in to set up essential financial reports and seamlessly integrate into your existing teams.

Through temporary staffing, we ensure that all critical reports and deadlines are met, maintaining the stability and efficiency of your financial processes.


Financial Closing

While financial closing is an annual legal requirement, it sometimes feels like a stressful or chaotic.

We help you restore meaning and order to the financial closing process. Our objective is that you can regain full control over this critical process, ensuring it is completed accurately and efficiently, without unnecessary stress.

Financial & Cashflow Forecasts

Budgets and forecasts are based on hypotheses, but reality often diverges from initial projections.


We assist you in adapting your forecasts and budgets to reflect the current situation accurately. Our experts ensure that your decisions are based on the latest and most accurate financial data, allowing you to respond effectively to changing circumstances.

Rapport financier Altesia

3 Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

Regularly maintaining and reviewing your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement is crucial for financial health.

We help you organize the process of preparing these essential reports, ensuring they are delivered on time and provide the insights needed for informed decision-making.

Finance & Accounting Support

A finance department must adhere to specific cycles and produce regular reports. This requires consistent resources and efficiency.


Our consulting services fill any gaps in your finance department, ensuring business continuity and the timely delivery of all necessary financial reports. Our support helps you maintain a steady rhythm in your financial operations.


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We help you to build the right tools and processes to collect the right data that will translate your company vision into figures. This will empower you with the foresight needed to steer your business towards your desired goals.

We help you giving a central role to your finance department, ensuring that finance operations can add value to the business and (re)gain a strategic position within the organization.

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