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Aligning your budget
with reality

Financial & Cashflow forecasting

In the life of a company, things don’t always go as planned. A business plan or budget reflects what the company hopes to achieve, based on certain hypothesis from the management.

However, reality quickly catches up, showing that business is anything but predictable. Unexpected events — such as delay in sales, delay in production, equipment failures, strikes, supply shortages, over-expenses on a specific project — often disrupt the initial plans.

This unpredictability underscores the importance of adapting through forecasting. This implies adjusting budgets to reflect the current situation, and ensuring that decisions are made with the latest information at hand.

Your needs

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Preserve your cashflow

Optimise cashflow

Optimize your cashflow

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Ensure financial health

Get funding

If you are a SME, start-up or scale-up, your cashflow levels are probably limited. And when resources are limited, you need to manage them wisely. You want to make sure to understand the impact of your projects on your cashflow to arbitrate some key decisions or prioritize projects.

Even when your cashflow levels are high, cashflow forecasting remains crucial for placing excess cash, optimizing working capital, and identifying opportunities for new investments and projects.

Start-ups relying on subsidies or fundraising face significant cashflow variations. Closed follow-up of your cashflow is of primary importance to ensure your survival until the next financing round or first revenues.

If you need to look for bank loans or fundraising, additional financial analysis are key to add to strengthen your financial narratives.

How we help you

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1.     Initial deep dive:

Our process kicks off with an in-depth analysis of your company's financial history and present condition, working closely with your team to ensure comprehensive understanding and alignment.

2.     Challenging assumptions with Management:

Next, we engage in detailed discussions with management to rigorously examine and question future assumptions

3.     Setting Clear KPIs:

Finally, we define transparent and actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable both management and team members to directly see the effect of their efforts. When further insights are needed to define them, we leverage industry benchmarks informed by our experience with similar clients.

4.     Updating the Annual Budget:

This phase involves revising the most recent annual budget by taking into account the latest financial or operational outcomes to ensure that new budget (forecast) takes into account current realities.

The result

At the end of this collaborative work with the company's leaders, the Altesia expert delivers structured outputs including, for example:

  • Forecasts on the P&L and cash flow;

  • A final table, using the same nomenclature as the budget, summarizing and putting into perspective the different assumptions based on the actual figures of the company;

  • Slides outlining the various KPIs and shedding light on the different considered assumptions, risks, and future needs, etc.;

  • Charts and tables that use the company's graphic charter and are directly usable by management for their reports and communication;

  • A report offering various solutions (investments, refinancing, etc.) to bounce back in case a considered assumption does not unfold as expected…"

altesia_Financial cashflow forecast
altesia_Financial cashflow forecast
altesia_Financial cashflow forecast

What we don't do

Altesia is committed to practical and no-nonsense financial forecasting.
This means that we will avoid the following approach:
  • We won't endorse financially unviable or high-risk financing options.

  • We don’t just deliver reports, we make sure they correspond to the company’s need and can be used and understood on a day-to-day basis.

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Let’s discuss your needs

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