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Turning vision into action:

Long Range Planning (LRP)

Creating a Long-Range Plan for your business is a strategic step in transforming your organization's long-term vision into a tangible roadmap. This ensures the alignment of all actions and resources towards achieving your objectives.


By implementing a LRP, you ensure that every aspect of your company is unified in working towards a shared goal over the next three to five years. This approach fosters sustainable growth, motivation and resilience amidst the challenges of a competitive and ever-changing business landscape.


The LRP serves as a comprehensive framework that connects all your departments, such as Business Operations, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and IT, ensuring a coherent resource management to execute the organization’s strategy.

Your needs

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You face a dynamic market landscape


You need clearer

long term strategic direction

Your business operates in a dynamic sector where new technology, regulations, and competitor innovation are common. You need a solid action plan to deal with these unavoidable changes.

Absorbed by daily operations, you find it difficult to focus on long-term vision,. Your everyday actions, resources and efforts might not align effectively with your long-term goals, hindering progress towards your overall vision.


You have to demonstrate long term value

Your investors, board members, or stakeholders seek assurance of your business's profitability over time. Crafting a compelling and sustainable growth strategy is essential to gain their confidence and support.

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You want to align your teams and resources

Your budget, people, and assets are not used for the right projects. Your teams are working in silos on short-term goals that may not match the company's broader objectives. Bridging these gaps to achieve strategic alignment is key for organizational harmony and efficiency.

How we help you: benefits of Long-Range Planning

If you think about your 3 to 5 year objective as a destination, the Long-Range plan will detail:

  • the course you need to follow,

  • the technology,

  • the fuel

  • and the crew...

... you need to navigate sometimes troubled waters.


The LRP will allow you to make sure all your efforts guide your ship towards the same direction.

A long-range plan addresses questions like:

  • How to position your business for long-term growth in a dynamic market?

  • How to increase competitiveness and market share?

  • How to manage risks and anticipate future challenges?

  • Which investments to prioritize for maximum ROI?

  • What are your long-term financial goals and how to achieve them?

  • What unexploited market opportunities exist?

It will bring you:

  • Strategic Clarity: Navigate future challenges with a clear strategic direction that matches the company's resources and efforts to its long-term goals. Make sure that everything you do supports the company's vision.

  • Resource Optimization: Efficiently allocate financial, human, and material resources on the projects and investments that create the most value to optimize your profitability.

  • Market Adaptability: Stay ahead in evolving markets and be clear about opportunities and trends that will enable you to take strategic and informed decisions. Anticipate the impact of a market risk (eg. regulatory change) and understand the changes to make to the company today. Identify the opportunities that you are currently not addressing and evaluate their worth.

  • Team alignment: Provide clear direction and inspiring goals for employees, boosting their engagement and productivity.

Key sectors benefitting from Long Range Planning

  • Technology: plan ahead for market shifts and invest in the right R&D programs to stay competitive

  • Manufacturing: plan investment in the right equipment, production capacities and products innovations

  • Healthcare: make the right investment choices in medical technologies, infrastructures and services to meet the changing needs of patients

  • Non-profit: optimize the impact of programs and services on the community or sector served

  • Any business facing evolving and challenging market environments, which wants to grow, use resources well, and cope with these market changes with a long-term vision.

The result

We deliver a plan that is not only strategic and insightful but also practical and actionable, enabling you to move forward with clarity and purpose.


The main deliverable is a multi-year financial forecast. This is a cornerstone document detailing projections for revenues, expenses, cash flows, investment and financing, over three to five years, supporting the long-term strategy.


Additional deliverables can be provided depending on your needs:

  • Long-Term Strategy Document: A comprehensive report outlining the company's vision, strategic objectives, and alignment with its mission and values, serving as a strategic blueprint.

  • Operational action plan : An operational guide and roadmap that details initiatives, projects, recommendations and actions necessary to achieve strategic objectives, including assigned responsibilities, timelines and KPIs.

  • Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning: Evaluates potential risks to the strategy's implementation and proposes mitigation strategies to enhance resilience.

  • Performance Dashboards: Progress reports and KPIs towards strategic objectives, providing real-time insights and highlighting areas requiring attention.

  • Skills development plan: Guidance on the type of human resources needed in the 3 to 5 years in terms of profile, skills and qualifications, including necessary headcounts.

Our methodology

Our methodology is detailed, collaborative, and tailored to meet each client's specific needs, ensuring the creation of a roadmap that not only forecasts future success but is also practical and actionable.



We start by examining your company's internal and external environments, using data-driven methods to inform the strategy formulation process. Our team gathers and analyzes relevant data from various internal sources, such as financial and operational reports, and external sources such as external market research.. This helps us understand the context in which your business operates, including key players, strengths, challenges, key success factors (KSFs), and market forces.



We work closely with key stakeholders to understand your long-term objectives, visions, and aspirations. We help you identify opportunities for growth, optimize resource allocation, and craft resilient strategic directions that align with your long-term vision. This collaborative phase ensures we consider all factors at play, and create a 3 to 5 year strategy roadmap aligned with your overarching goals.



Based on the previous assessment, we design scenarios and model them, namely, the implications of the scenarios for budgets, profitability, and resources. We will then advise on budget allocations accordingly.


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We will set up the appropriate long-term and intermediary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress towards the long-term objectives. We will implement project management tools to monitor the plan's execution. Lastly, we will develop financial analysis and reporting tools to ensure effective execution and follow-up.

What we don't do

Our unique approach to Long Range Planning means:
  • Not telling what you know already. You know your market and your business, we won’t add 50 slides to re-explain it just to re-explain it but in a beautiful way. Our plan is focused on pragmatic and added-value, giving you the right information. We start from what you already have an don’t reinvent the wheel.

  • No theoretical exercise: we will not provide you with a plan destined to fail because unapplicable. The LRP provided is following a strategic and rigorous methodology, but is always oriented towards operational feasibility. We make sure that every recommendation or proposed scenario is practically applicable to the business, taking into account the operational environment, resources and company culture.

  • No random team: no juniors for CFO-level tasks and no overqualified consultants for simpler tasks. We set up the perfectly curated team of analysts, led and supervised by one of our partners with CFO experience and familiar with the exercise. When needed, external resources will be hired for their sector knowledge.

  • No exercise in isolation: we don’t just take your figures and take it from there. Our approach is fundamentally built on continuous interaction with our clients throughout the entire process. We place a high value on this engagement and proximity, ensuring that we work closely and transparently with our clients. The process is interactive and includes regular feedback rounds to make sure that the end-results answers the right needs and aspirations.

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Let’s discuss your needs

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