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Spend analysis for gaining insights and control over your costs

When your profitability gets under pressure, or very simply whenever you want to optimise your financial performance, it's often easier to save money by managing costs than by increasing sales. However without an exhaustive spend analysis, not only does cost management become a shot in the dark, but the overall management of the business can lack clarity and precision.


Given that expenses represent an average of 60% of a company's revenue, understanding those costs is crucial.


Altesia addresses this by creating a detailed spend map, which identifies:

  • Who is spending on what products and how frequently.

  • Where the company's money is going.


The objective: providing businesses with a holistic and clearer understanding of their costs, allowing them to align expenditures with budgets and make informed business decisions.

Your needs


Understand spending patterns

Without this clarity on your spend, it's challenging to grasp where the money is going and to manage the business effectively.


Costs optimisation

Increasing profitability often means optimising expenses. But businesses need to do this in a strategic way for the business.  Which costs can be reduced? Are the expenses serving the business's goals? Make sure that every expenditure is justified and contributes to overall business success.


Risk management

Data management is a cornerstone of modern businesses. The more reliable data a company has, the lower its risk exposure.

Mapping costs and assessing their associated risks is fundamental to a company's sustainability.


Supplier performance improvement

Understanding the costs associated with suppliers is crucial to assess supplier relationships. Adjustments might be needed to better align with a company's financial goals, or improve operational efficiency.

How we help you

Altesia helps clients make data-driven decisions when managing expenses. Our approach is:

- meticulous: avoiding the common error of superficiality

- holistic: providing a comprehensive view of costs.


This allows businesses to understand the broader context and interactions between expenses and business operations, leading to more effective cost management and informed decision-making.

Spend mapping

Altesia collects, cleans and inventories all relevant transactions and spending data from a company, categorising it into direct purchases (raw materials, equipment, etc.) or indirect purchases (marketing services, consultants, transportation, etc.). This provides a comprehensive view of internal and external expenses, offering insights into spending patterns and areas for optimisation.

Analysis of suppliers’ expenses (ABC analysis)

This analysis provides insights into:

- Which suppliers are most critical to the business (in terms of business continuity, quality assurance, etc.)

- Which suppliers generate most spending.


This thorough supplier analysis allows you to realign relationships and optimise your procurement strategy, for example by automasing less critical suppliers.

Risk management

Classifying and analysing expenses helps evaluate associated risks and identify pathways for risk mitigation. For external costs, this might mean steering supplier relationships toward "spend under contract," generally seen as less risky due to predefined terms and lower likelihood of unilateral changes.

Data analysis and cross-referencing

Quality of data, ideally over a minimum three-year span, provides a crucial long-term perspective. This enables to:

- understand cost trends

- assessing their impact on internal management

- identify areas for improvement

- uncover any inefficiencies such as redundant or unnecessary purchases.

- better plan and anticipate certain expenses to minimise unforeseen costs.

The result

As an outcome of the spend analysis exercise, we aim to:

  • Determine potential cost optimisation levels, often achieving 10 to 15% savings compared to the past five years.

  • Optimise the supplier management.

  • Reduce the time required for managerial decision-making through a clear, precise, and structured spend analysis.

  • Consequently, help improve profitability and operational efficiency in your business.

The deliverable consists of a comprehensive spend map analyzing:

  • The type of spend:

    • Opex vs. Capex

    • Direct vs. Indirect

    • ABC classification, reflecting criteria such as business value, complexity and volume of transactions

    • Supplier categorisation

  • Strategic supplier mapping, serving as a basis for risk management strategies

  • Contract coverage analysis

  • Identification of quick wins to optimize costs

Altesia expertise

What we don't do

Here are a few things you won't see us doing:
  • Judge expenses: we don't judge past spending or investment decisions.

  • Recommend without data: we never makes recommendations without thoroughly analysing past spending and verifying the data.

  • Impose standard strategies: We don't impose optimisation strategies that do not align with the company's unique reality.

  • Create tech dependency: We avoid creating a technological dependency, ensuring our recommendations aren't tied to specific software or tools.

Our goal is to deliver practical solutions that work for you, not just cookie-cutter advice.
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