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Quantify Your Long-Term Vision

Financial Planning & Analysis

Defining a three, five or ten-year vision for your company in a business plan is not enough. You also need to be able to put a figure on that vision in order to check whether the business is sustainable and quantify the resources needed to achieve the goal.

But that's not all. What's the point of drawing up a horizon budget if there's no regular monitoring of performance? Such monitoring starts with the establishment of the annual budget and continues with monthly reports to measure the differences between forecasts and reality. But here again, this is not enough: we need to be able to understand why there are such discrepancies.

All these planning, forecasting, budgeting and monitoring activities make up financial planning and analysis (FP&A). We can help you turn this FP&A process into a strategic steering tool that supports your growth and long-term vision.

Your needs


Lack of long-term vision

If you're a growing SME, you need a longer-term vision of your needs and resources to achieve your growth objectives. You may have the tools, staff, and clientele to succeed, but hesitate to make decisions due to uncertainty about the future.


Cash flow problems

Your business is running well, you're producing and selling without a hitch, but you're always short of cash.


New market or new product range

New opportunities are opening up, you're thinking of producing new products or offering new services, you want to expand geographically or penetrate new market segments.


Unclear segment profitability

General accounting exists, but it doesn't give you enough information about the profitability of each product, segment or market.

How we help you

By working with an Altesia finance consultant, on a full-time or part-time basis, you gain access to personalised support to set up, maintain or optimise your Financial Planning & Analysis activity. The aim: to meet your current needs while preparing you to seize future opportunities.

The benefits include:

Long-term vision

We put in place the financial reporting that supports your business vision, ensuring that every decision you make today is a step towards achieving your future financial goals.

Cash optimisation

Our in-depth analysis reveals the key factors impacting your liquidity. We then develop targeted strategies to improve your cash management, supporting the continuity and expansion of your business.

Preparing for change:

By anticipating the financial needs associated with expanding your activities or entering new markets, we prepare you for success without compromising your company's financial health.

Insight and transparency:

Implementing cost accounting gives you a much clearer view of the cost and profit model for each department, product, segment or market, and helps you make the right business decisions.

Financial reporting is at the heart of the approach, but it's not enough.


For example, Altesia's consultants make sure that they understand the reasons for the discrepancies between forecast budgets and reality by talking to the various managers/departments. They also proactively share their analysis with stakeholders, enabling them to take ownership of the tools put in place.


The result

  • Annual budget:
    If you have not prepared it yet

  • A budget forecast:
    Developed for three, five or even ten years, a budget forecast quantifies the needs and resources available/necessary to achieve the long-term objectives defined by management (financial, commercial, production, etc.). It must remain realistic, reconciling different points of view and objectives, such as those of sales staff, who tend to underestimate the expected results, and those of financial staff, who want to push them to the limit. To achieve this, the financial consultant may have to establish different scenarios, from the most prudent to the riskiest. The budget forecast thus serves as a guideline for management and the various departments.

  • Monthly reports:
    Regular reporting, with accurate and relevant information, is necessary so that the various managers can make informed decisions. To this end, Altesia's expert organises formal monthly meetings.

  • Analytical accounting:
    With the help of an ERP system, accounting becomes readable for everyone by including metadata and qualification tables. This makes it possible to fine-tune different strategies (marketing, locations, production, logistics, etc.).
    For example, in terms of sales, it is important to go beyond the raw figures and look at the nature of the products/services sold.

  • Prospective reports:
    Altesia's expert draws up reports based on statistical data, trends, Planning Bureau reports, etc.

Our methodology


We start with an in-depth analysis of your current financial data and organisational structure to understand your specific needs. This allows us to identify gaps and opportunities for optimisation.


We work with you to develop annual budgets and long-term forecasts that are both realistic and ambitious. Our aim is to create plans that not only quantify your vision, but are also achievable and aligned with your long-term objectives.


We put in place monitoring processes and monthly reporting systems that enable continuous monitoring of your performance against forecasts. This regular monitoring helps to identify deviations quickly and adjust strategies accordingly.


When variances between forecasts and actuals are identified, we look beyond the numbers to understand the underlying reasons. We provide you with detailed analyses and recommendations to rectify the situation and improve future performance.


Where appropriate, we assist with the implementation of tools and systems, such as appropriate ERP systems, to better manage cost accounting. This enables better visibility and more informed decision-making at all levels of the company.

What we don't do

At Altesia, our consultants give full meaning to their mission. That's why they do what they will never do:
  • Provide reports based on pre-existing templates:
    The consultant knows that the value of the tools provided can only be fully deployed if they are built in collaboration with the client, on the basis of their specific needs.

  • Simply sending Excel files:
    The Altesia consultant ensures that the in-house teams are able to fully understand and take ownership of the various tools put in place.

  • Consuming budgets unnecessarily:
    If certain tasks can be automated, for example by implementing an ERP, Altesia will recommend such an approach in the interests of the company.

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