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Inform your new investment decisions

Building a Procurement Business Case

If you are considering developing a new product, migrating to a new IT platform, externalizing part of your services, or build a new plant, you need to thoroughly understand the costs and benefits associated with it. Altesia procurement intervenes to help you gather all the information needed for a comprehensive business case.

By understanding the costs, risks and supplier landscape, you will be able to make informed decisions, aligned with your business objectives.

Your needs


Strategic Investment Justification


Risk and Benefit Assessment


Market Analysis


Resource Allocation

You need to validate the potential of a new project or venture and ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

You seek to understand the full spectrum of risks and benefits associated with your proposed investment.

Gain market understanding by investigating the availability and receptiveness of potential suppliers, alongside evaluating their pricing structures.

Assess the necessary internal resources by identifying cost implications, required personnel numbers, and specific skillsets needed for successful project execution.

How we help you


Our Procurement support service meticulously crafts your business case by:

  • Collaborating with business owners and stakeholders to identify specific needs and expectations.

  • Conducting in-depth Make or Buy analysis to assess the financial and operational benefits as well as the limitations or risks of internal versus external production

  • Evaluating the market landscape to identify potential partners, understanding their receptivity, and gather indicative pricing through Requests for Information (RFI).


The result

Upon completion, you will have a detailed procurement business case that outlines:

  1. A summary of your business needs.

  2. An Internal analysis revealing the impact on your cost structure, necessary human resources, skillset requirements, operational and logistics implications.

  3. An external analysis evaluating costs for outsourcing, but also the market dynamics, supplier engagement levels and associated risks, such as supply chain vulnerabilities or fluctuating raw material prices.

  4. A list of all interested suppliers who engaged through the Request for Information.


What we don't do

We believe in providing thorough and realistic business case analyses,
hence we:
  • Avoid focusing just on cost, and neglect the broader impact on the organization and client satisfaction.

  • Do not overlook key supplier market insights like market dynamics and receptivity, or any additional information received from the potential suppliers.

  • Never neglect key project dimensions like project risks, long-term development or the project’s life-cycle and associated requirements.

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