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(Re-)establish the strategic position
of your Procurement department

Optimising Procurement department governance

By clearly defining roles and responsibilities within your Procurement Department, we help to optimize its efficiency and its connections with the rest of the organization. Our intervention revolves around two main axes:

  • Function Clarification:
    We accurately define the roles and responsibilities of the Procurement Department within the organization.

  • Internal Structuring:
    We establish a coherent and functional internal structure within the Procurement Department, promoting optimal responsibilities and task distribution.


The objective: position the Procurement Department as a recognized and essential strategic pillar within the company, fully aligned with the broader corporate strategy.

Your challenges


Complex processes

Procurement involves multiple departments like legal, sales, and finance, necessitating collaboration in processes like Procure-2-Pay and supplier monitoring.

You wish to streamline these processes to reduce overlaps and enhance efficiency.

Misunderstood role of the Procurement department

Your vision for the Procurement department significantly differs from how other teams perceive it. The department's role is reduced to basic tasks like negotiation and order management, and overlooked in crucial decision-making processes


You want to clarify the strategic role of the Procurement department


Disorganized Procurement team

This confusion about the department's role also reflects inside your department itself. Your team members do not clearly understand the specific expectations for their positions. Tasks overlap and individual objectives become unclear.


You need to clarify how each person’s work contributes to the department's vision and overall objective. 

How we help you


Our analysis and recommendations aim to:

  • Establish the strategic role of the Procurement Department within the organization.

  • Ensure that the activities of the Procurement Department add value contributing to the vision and objectives of the organization.


  • Gain efficiency through proper allocation of resources and responsibilities, associated with clear processes.


Concretely, this involves defining the following elements:

  • Clear roles and responsibilities: we define expectations within the department and towards internal stakeholders.


  • Effective governance and a clear mandate: we structure your department to effectively fulfill its mandate, while aligning its activities with the company’s overall strategy.


  • Improved processes: we redefine key processes in which the Procurement Department is involved.

Our methodology


We meet every person in your company involved in procurement and in relation with external suppliers.


Based on these interviews, we draft a RACI analysis of the current situation on two levels:

- The roles & responsibilities of the procurement department within the organization.

- The roles & responsibilities of each member of the procurement team.


During a workshop, we map out processes with your team using post-its.


We establish an ideal to be reached, a way of organizing roles and functions that is more optimal.


To reach this situation, we share our recommendations with you and organize them in the form of an action plan. Each proposed action is associated with specific tasks, a person or team responsible, and a deadline.

The result

Through interviews & workshops combined with various analyses, we deliver:

  1. An overview of the current governance and functioning of your Procurement Department.

  2. A presentation with different improvement axes and our recommendations regarding the governance and processes of the Procurement Department.

  3. An action plan and associated schedule, assigning tasks to be carried out for each team member.

You thus have a clear roadmap to implement the proposed solutions.

In a second phase, we can also take charge of implementing this roadmap using the methodologies developed by our consultants.


What we don't do

The consultants at Altesia strive to create added value for your company and team.

Here is what we will never do:

  • We will not deliver a standard report that is not adapted to the specificities of your organization.

  • We will not only focus on your "Procurement" department without considering its relationships with other players in the company.

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