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Improve the functionning
of your financial department

Financial Function Diagnostic & Recommendations

If you're constantly battling fires and dealing with urgencies in your finance department, it's crucial to gain altitude to identify the root causes of your challenges and strategize effective solutions


We help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current finance department and establish a clear action plan towards operational excellence.


More than just a simple quick scan, the work will result in:

  • A list of actions to be taken

  • An assessment of the necessary resources (in time and people) to implement them

The objective: To position your finance department as more than just a back-office function, but as a true enabler of value and growth.

Your needs


Lack of structure


Mistakes and lack of control

You feel overwhelmed by financial disorder and wish to bring clarity and organisation.

You are facing issues such as uncontrolled spending, errors in reporting, lack of explanations about your financial situation, or your accounts are not approved.


Demotivated team

The finance team members feel overwhelmed by the workload or demotivated. They complain about being overqualified for certain tasks.


Change and transformation

Your company is reaching a new growth stage and requires scaling up or reorganizing the finance department.

How we help you


We delve deep into your financial operations to identify inefficiencies, opportunities for improvement, and set a new course towards operational excellence

Our approach goes further than mere number crunching and document analysis. We engage directly with your team to capture their knowledge and their impressions. We combine a helicopter view of your organization's internal dynamics with the ability to zoom in on operational details.


This comprehensive method ensures we grasp the full picture and the intricacies of your business and company culture. This allows us to identify and implement tailored, effective solutions for your organisation.


The result

At the end of this exercise, you will receive a comprehensive report of about 50 to 100 pages including the following elements:

  1. The analysis report according to the People, Process, Systems axes, detailing the gaps between the existing situation and the ideal situation.

  2. The action plan: a table listing all the actions to be implemented. Each action is associated with an estimate of the workload and the required function.

  3. A summary report of the interviews conducted.


What our clients say

"Our company grew too quickly and didn't properly assimilate its growth. There were data accuracy errors and reporting problems. Altesia helped us gain perspective. They went beyond just analyzing the numbers; they took the time to understand the organization and the team's sentiments.


Today, the action plan developed by Altesia is used as a daily management tool, and the Finance function is regaining a central role and adding value to the business."

Grégoire Dupuis, CEO Sambrinvest

Our methodology


We analyse your current situation vs. your ideal situation accross 3 dimensions:

  • Your processesWe scrutinize in detail a total of 8 financial cycles (Cash Management, Order to Cash, etc.).

  • Your tools: we map out all of your tools and analyse their contribution or obstacles to operational efficiency

  • Your people: we analyse the workload of your team members and the match between their tasks and their position or experience level

This analysis is carried through:

  • InterviewsWe hold discussions with about ten stakeholders from the finance department or in contact with the function: 

    • Internal stakeholders: team members or internal clients

    • External stakeholders: external auditor, banker, or investor.

  • Internal documents: existing reports and internal memos​


How are far are you today from your ideal situation? We analyse with you the difference between the current state and the desired state, prioritising what matters most to you and your organisation.


We elaborate a fully detailed plan, structured and prioritised, to get you to the ideal situation. We quantify the time and resources needed for it.


What we don't do

Working with Altesia ensures you excellent work ethics and professional integrity.
What you won't have with us:
  • No superficial "quick scan" type report.

  • No action plan that is disproportionate to your needs: no overkill.

  • No "one-size-fits-all" approach: we take into account your realities in terms of resource, teams and company culture.

  • No analysis carried out by a junior profile, or by someone lacking consultancy or internal experience.


Let’s discuss your needs

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