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Corporate Social Responsability (CSR):
Leading the way in sustainable business practices

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has rapidly evolved from a niche concept to an essential business imperative, impacting all industries. Implementing an embedded CSR strategy at corporate level demonstrates an organization's maturity and readiness to navigate modern business complexities.

Due to emerging regulatory trends, the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has been gaining traction, representing a shift from broad ethical commitments to specific, measurable criteria. What started as a "nice to have" is indeed now critical for businesses since the introduction of the CSRD directive. Starting in 2024, the implementation roadmap will initially target larger companies, and eventually apply to all businesses in Belgium.


Altesia, with its training and certification in sustainable procurement, integrates CSR principles into procurement practices, thereby extending accountability across the entire supply chain.


We guide businesses to ensure they lead in sustainable practices. Our approach to CSR not only prepares companies for ESG reporting but also positions them as leaders in sustainability. With future regulatory requirements making early adoption of CSR vital, being proactive ensures a smoother and more cost-effective transition to meeting ESG standards.

Your needs


Boosting brand power


Staying ahead of regulations

A strong reputation for sustainability helps attract and retain talent, investors, and customers. Consumers prefer green brands, shareholders value ESG and CSR factors, and employees seek companies that prioritize people and the environment.

While not all companies are currently required to report on CSR, the trend is moving towards more stringent legal requirements. Large public entities in the EU, for example, already face specific ESG reporting obligations, and this is expected to expand.


Cutting costs

Integrating CSR into Procurement can substantially optimize costs. By using technical levers to reduce carbon footprint, monitoring suppliers' energy and water usage, and, and improving production processes efficiency,  companies can lower their environmental impact and operational costs.


Build a future-proof planet and business

There simply is no place for companies nor clients on a dead planet! By making our environment sustainable, and reflecting on your social impact, you will also ensure the sustainability of your business.

How we help you

Team Altesia

Altesia leans on a team of consultants, trained and certified in sustainable procurement, becoming catalysts for change rather than mere technical advisors.


We help our clients integrating CSR dimensions into their procurement process to achieve quantifiable and manageable results through the following steps:


  • State of play:
    We start with a thorough assessment of your current procurement practices, identifying areas where CSR principles can be integrated.

  • Define actions:
    We outline specific actions to enhance sustainability, focusing on sourcing criteria that include selection and exclusion based on commodity-specific requirements.

  • Evaluate results:
    We continuously evaluate the outcomes, ensuring that the implemented changes lead to measurable improvements.

  • Train your staff:

We help you elevating you procurement team’s CSR capabilities to support your company's goals.

The result

Implementing CSR strategies with Altesia yields tangible and impactful results, ensuring that your business practices are sustainable and resilient for the future.


  • Decarbonizing supply chains:
    Our procurement consultants assist clients in reducing carbon footprints across their supply chains, aligning with global sustainability goals.

  • Supplier scorecards:
    We help clients identify and calculate carbon impact and other ESG criteria within supplier scorecards. This results in a comprehensive CSR assessment of suppliers during portfolio evaluations.

  • Certification support:
    We guide clients through the process of obtaining certifications with our third-party partner, Ecovadis, enhancing their commitment to sustainable practices.


Through our CSR procurement consulting services, we are dedicated to creating long-term value for our clients, ensuring their business operations are not only compliant with ESG standards but also positioned for future success.

What we don't do

Our approach to procurement focuses on achieving tangible, real-world impacts. We aim for genuine improvement, not just superficial changes to enhance appearances.
  • No greenwashing:
    We do not engage in or support greenwashing practices, such as purchasing green certificates from distant sources merely for image purposes. We are committed to ensuring that our efforts in sustainable procurement lead to real, measurable improvements, rather than just boosting our clients' image.

  • No compensation strategies:
    Our goal is to improve processes, not to offset shortcomings. We focus on making meaningful changes rather than relying on compensation strategies.

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