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Altesia is proud to have built strong partnerships with organisations aligned with our values  

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COMPIT Business Game allows to understand challenges of a buyer in a fun, realistic and interactive way

The game can be played not only by Procurement professionals or students but also by Sales, Marketers, Engineers, Athletes,...

COMPIT is already used by several prestigious Universities/Business schools and Companies in Europe. In Belgium, it has already demonstrated its added value towards companies and organisations like HEC Liège, ABCAL....

Altesia is the exclusive distributor of COMPIT in Belgium.

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Transmission and sharing of our knowledge is highly important for Altesia

Since the Academic year 2020-21, Altesia is honoured to deliver Procurement training to HEC Liège students:

  • Bachelor students

  • Master in Sales Management

  • Master in Supply Chain

  • Executive Master

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