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Interim Management

We offer part-time to full-time C-level and Senior Interim Managers with proven and successful experience


Through our large network of qualified CPO’s, we can provide the best CPO to our clients requiring  temporary or long term support to help in a transition to a more mature Procurement Department.

We provide the tools, framework and resources for best in class Procurement departments.

Procurement Advisory

When growing in maturity, your Procurement department needs to define and implement Category strategies to ensure best value for the company

Our consultant brings their expertise in Direct, Indirect and CAPEX Procurement in different industries and can always rely on Altesia network to support them.


We can also support you in the P2P process.



A Flexible solution

What makes Altesia different is that we can provide part-time or full-time solutions, meaning that you just pay for the time you need.


We can provide resources who are fully integrated in your team but can also work on a service mode generally with a combination of a Senior consultant defining strategic directions and a more junior consultant supporting in the implementation of the strategy.

Expertise in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Procurement

Biotech and Pharmaceutical sectors are highly regulated and have to ensure high quality standards from their vendors. At the same time, they have to reduce as much as possible time-to-market

Altesia has developed a unique expertise in the market in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Procurement. We have already supported large pharma companies but also less structured biotech companies in defining their outsourcing strategies and models, selecting the right vendors, implementing robust contracts and partnerships.

We have toolkits available that can help optimise and accelerate your vendor selection process while guaranteeing quality and good documentation for authorities.

We also have access to a unique benchmarking tool allowing getting high level assessment of the fair market value of your trials.


Your research and development team can then focus more on their core activities and rely on us.

Business Transformation

Growing and changing organizations needs to create value not only through sales but as well through more efficient Procurement Organisation, Strategies, Teams and Processes.


Through our Simple, Straight And Smart Methodology (3S methodology), we can do a quick scan of your organization to assess your Procurement Department maturity level by analyzing your Processes, System and People.


We then decide together on the dream situation and can support you in the implementation.

Setup and re-engineering of Procurement Department

Outsourcing of Procurement department

You want to re-focus your Procurement resources on more added value activities?

We can support you with Procurement Project managers with experience in outsourcing of Procurement activities to external companies. We have robust project management tools in place.


We will start with an analysis and alignment of your processes, transfer them to the external vendor, support you in terms of change management for your teams and internal stakeholders and track results.

Procurement Technology

Our experts in P2P or ERP solutions can guide you in selecting the best fitted solution to support your P2P process, track your spend, ensure Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), execute e-sourcing,....


Transmitting our knowledge and expertise is something that also drives Altesian

We provide Procurement training to all kinds of organisations with different levels of maturity and for people with different level of Procurement awareness.

Here are some of the training we can deliver:

  • Procurement awareness for non Procurement people (e.g. sales people, engineers….)

  • Basics of Procurement for SME’s

  • Category management

  • Total Cost of Ownership

We can also develop specific trainings depending on your needs.


Altesia is also exclusive partner in Belgium of COMPIT Business Game


The game is a fabulous way for your collaborators to experiment the Procurement function in a fun and interactive manner.

It is already used by several companies and prestigious Universities and Business schools in Europe and in Belgium (HEC Liège) but also by ABCAL.

Procurement partners


Lise Barbeaux

Hands On Procurement Partner

Nicolas Bègue - Senior Manager Procurement

Nicolas Bègue

Procurement Senior Manager

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