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International Women's Day 2021

Today is International Women's Day and this year in particular, Women in leadership!

So... you know our Managing Partner at Altesia Procurement, Lise Barbeaux, right?

Apart from being a real entrepreneur, she is also a skydiver. Crazy, don't you think?

No no no, just a passionate person in everything she does! And what drives her in skydiving is not that far from the entrepreneurial world : self-confidence, measured and managed risks, overcoming fears, knowing her limits, making thoughtful decisions, enjoying present time intensely but also trusting the others she is jumping with.

When you are able to jump out of a plane at 4000 meters, you learn that when you really want something and believe in it and in yourself, you can reach it! And that’s her moto in life!

Let’s all celebrate Women in Business!

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