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Altesia announces 2 disruptive incentives for its employees

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Words that resonate in our corporate culture are teamwork, empowerment and fairness.

We, at Altesia, are committed to making our people happy, motivated and challenged through teamwork and knowledge sharing, so they are ever more impactful. We wish them to stay, but we also understand that sometimes they may want to pursue their own dreams.

We want to empower our employees to go above and beyond the call of duty, to innovate and exceed standard expectations. We believe that it is our clients' satisfaction that will make them proud of their work.

We also believe that fairness in the financial compensation of the work done should not be privilege, but the norm. By fairness we mean that the profit generated by the work and excellence of our collaborators must be shared with them.

Finally, our management is committed to perpetuating our know-how and transmitting the value created in Altesia to future generations. Because we believe this is how Altesia will flourish.

In today's work environment, achieving all of these objectives is a real challenge. But we are willing to break the codes to achieve our goals. This is why we offer all our employees two innovative incentives designed to motivate them, empower them and make them love Altesia so that they want to stay, develop their skills and perpetuate our know-how. And should one of them ever decide to leave us, we aspire that it will be to fulfill their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

The first incentive is our Equity Ecosystem. The second one is our entrepreneurial program.

1. Equity Ecosystem: we open up our capital to all our employees.

Every year, anyone with at least 2 years of seniority at Altesia will have the opportunity to become a shareholder. This reflects our commitment to create an environment that enables to share with our employees the value they contribute to create through their hard work. We believe indeed that our growth and success is largely due to their personal engagement and we think that it is only fair to share the rewards of this growth with them.

2. Entrepreneurship Program : we support and pay our employees to develop their entrepreneurial projects

Anyone with at least 1 year of seniority at Altesia can apply for our Entrepreneurship Program.

Employees with an eligible project will then receive:

  • 1 working day per week entirely free to develop their own project, while keeping a full salary package

  • Personalized top-notch coaching by a network of entrepreneurship experts

  • Access to our network of banking and venture capital partner

  • The possibility of receiving initial funding from Altesia for their project

This way, we want to provide our candidate entrepreneurs with the opportunity to move their project forward in the best possible conditions, without having to completely take the plunge or give up their financial security before they have matured and tested their idea.

This reflects Altesia's commitment to encourage entrepreneurship and to break down some of the barriers faced by young innovative project leaders.

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