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A plug-and-play team, tailored to client needs


The client, active in MedTech, identified a critical gap in their financial management capabilities. The objective was to integrate financial expertise that could scale with their growth and adapt to evolving strategic needs without the burden of a full-time, in-house financial department.


Initially, the company lacked dedicated financial oversight, operating without a formal finance department. Recognizing this critical gap, Altesia introduced a pioneering, adaptable solution. Initially, Cédric Van Themsche, a Finance Partner at Altesia and a seasoned CFO, conducted an essential financial diagnostic to address Sunrise's immediate needs.


Following this, a specialized team, consisting of an interim CFO and Manon Vandenplas as business controller, took the helm. This duo, having previously collaborated on another MedTech project, brought a wealth of synergized experience, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness for the Client. Their involvement varied between full-time and part-time engagements, precisely aligning with the Client’s evolving needs.


Towards the mission's conclusion, Altesia's commitment to sustainable impact was underscored as Manon trained an internally hired successor to ensure a seamless transition. This flexible, client-centered approach exemplified Altesia's dedication to providing precisely what was needed—no more, no less—eschewing unnecessary expenditure and overreach.



The implementation of this "plug-and-play" consulting model led to significant enhancements in the Client’s financial operations. Altesia's team not only addressed the immediate lack of financial resources but also established a foundation for sustainable financial management practices. The adaptability of the consulting team proved crucial in supporting the Client through strategic pivots and expansion phases, ultimately enabling a seamless transition to a trained internal team equipped for future challenges.

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