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Temporary staffing solutions:
interim finance and procurement consultants

With today’s ever-intensifying talent war, the staffing needs within your finance or procurement departments can change in the blink of an eye.

At Altesia, we understand the dynamics of these changes and we offer comprehensive temporary staffing solutions to navigate through your daily operational challenges with agility and efficiency.

Whether you're dealing with unexpected leave, a sudden increase in workload, or the need for specialized skills, Altesia's temporary staffing solutions are designed to meet your unique business challenges head-on. In addition to our CFO interim management services, we offer junior to mid-level profiles with 1 to 10 years of experience, assisting you in finding the ideal interim finance manager, financial controller, accountant, or procurement consultant.

Manage transitions and extra workload

Gain additional support from our dedicated finance or procurement consultants, ready to be operational swiftly to ensure stability and business continuity. Opt for interim finance or procurement consultants in scenarios such as:

  • Maternity leave, illness

  • Sabbatical leave

  • Layoffs

  • Creation of a new position or vacancy

  • Temporary workload increases

  • Reorganization or internal shifts

  • Lengthy recruitment processes

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Part time or full time

Recognizing that not all roles necessitate a full-time consultant, Altesia provides flexible staffing solutions tailored to your exact needs. Our consultants are available to assist you for the time needed, from 1 up to 5 days a week, ensuring you receive the exact right level of support: no overselling or underdelivering.

Several expertise levels for one full-time equivalent


For missions demanding specific expertise or a blend of senior and mid-level skills, we provide a collaborative, flexible and accessible approach: an interim manager such as a CFO or CPO, or even an Altesia Partner, can team up with the consultant.

This combination ensures that you receive both high-level expertise while maintaining operational consistency and long-term execution. This means that you get varied levels of expertise for the budget of a single full-time employee (FTE).

This efficient approach eliminates the need to hire an overqualified CFO for day-to-day operations and avoids the unnecessary expense of employing two full-time professionals when the workload doesn't demand it. 

The right expertise at the right time: optimizing your performance and cost.

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At Altesia, our consultants represent more than just individual talent; they embody the collective expertise, best practices, and progressive methodologies developed by Altesia over years of dedicated service.


Each finance or procurement consultant is supported by:

  • Tailored methodologies

  • Targeted training programs

  • Personalized coaching from seasoned partners

  • Positive and human-centric Altesia culture, promoting job satisfaction and resulting in superior client results

More than just a finance or procurement consultant

Clients do not only gain from access to an individual consultant, but also to:

  • Access to Altesia's comprehensive knowledge base

  • Continuous mission follow-up by the Altesia team

  • Timely adjustments when needed

A new paradigm
in finance and procurement consulting

At Altesia, our philosophy is crystal clear: to provide precisely what you, the client, need. Our approach is grounded in delivering optimal value through pragmatic, straightforward methodologies, and harnessing the right mix of expertise tailored to your unique circumstances.

Trust Altesia to guide your finance and procurement strategies with integrity, expertise, and a no-nonsense attitude, setting new standards in the consultancy landscape.

Check out our interim services
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